Tuesday, January 8, 2013

X is for Xylophone?

X is for xylophone irks me to no end. Picking out Word Wall letters is a tedious task for me. The font needs to be just right, there needs to be both the capital and lower case for each letter, the pictures have to correspond nicely, and it needs to show how to write the letter. I was so happy when I splurged on Word Wall letters at the Parent Teacher Store because it had everything I was looking for. Until I got to Xx :(

XYLOPHONE!!!!??? Ugh! Xx does not make the /z/ sound!!!! Well, not when we are teaching 3 and 4 year olds how to read! I would have been OK with x-ray.... not xylophone. 

This week we are learning about the letter Xx: identification, letter sound, and writing. I like to teach X as it stands for the sound /ks/. 

fox, box, ox, exit, excited, six, tax!!!

Download the  Xx booklet  I made. A short coloring book and writing exercise.

  Making X with yarn and glue!


  1. I like to complain to companies that do weird things like "o" for "owl." When you're trying to teach young kids phonics, that's not the "o" sound you introduce first! I'm still waiting to find the PERFECT alphabet!

  2. So true!! I love your x booklet though :)