Monday, October 22, 2012

Name Recognition

Greetings from The College of Saint Rose. I am sitting in the library waiting to go to my 7:15PM-10:00PM class. Bummer :( I am finishing up my M.S. in Special Education Birth-Grade 2 and I love it! The line between Gen. Ed and Special Ed is becoming quite thin. Inclusion is on the rise due to extensive research that proves students with special needs thrive in environments that contain students without special needs. I feel that EACH child is special and since no two children are alike, how are teachers not implementing strategies used for children with special needs? Sorry for are examples of how I get my kiddos to recognize and spell their names, as well as the names of their peers!:

Crack The Code: Students must "high-five" their name or the name of their classmates' before coming into the room. Can be used with sight words later down the road. My BFF Tara uses letters and sight words with her K students right now.

Student Playing Cards: The students can play memory or a matching game using the faces and names of their peers. The kiddos LOVE finding their own picture and name :)

Messy Letters: In the very beginning of the year I used painter's tape to tape the first letter of their name to neon paper. I gave them finger paint to smear all over the paper. When it dried, we peeled the tape. They had fun recognizing their letters.

Oops! Going to be late for class..............................


  1. I heard you were a new blogger and I wanted to stop by and say hello. I'm started my blog only a few weeks ago myself. Us newbies have to stick together :)

    Stephanie Ann
    Sparkling in Third Grade

    1. Thanks, Stephanie! Following you as well!