Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Frugal Teacher: Whiteboards

Looking for another creative way to save money? Did you know that clear report covers double as a white board? The best thing is: you can even put worksheets inside the report covers for the students to complete with a dry erase marker. At my school, The Sara Marie School, we emphasize the importance of recycling and being eco-friendly. Instead of printing 20 tracing sheets for each student to use, I print only 4 and slip them inside a report cover for the students to complete using a dry erase marker. The kids really enjoy using dry erase markers and it has really cut down on the amount of paper I'm printing. Thanks to my co-worker and friend, Michelle for a brilliant idea :)
Another tip: Laminate a blank piece of white paper. Draw numbers, shapes, or letters on the laminated paper with a dry erase marker and slip it inside the report cover. Now you don't even have to print a tracing sheet! Take a peek at my student tracing the letter A. He even wrote more on the side!
Never lose erasers again! Glue a pom pom to the cap of the marker for students to use as an eraser!


  1. Let me know how the pom-poms hold up! Saw that on Pinterest but have been afraid to try it ;)

    1. Kids love it! I have to take the time to teach them "easy erasing". Red pom pom is a little loose! :)